When can you shave after c section?

After your c-section, I suggest that you wake 6-8 weeks before you shave. That gives your incision plenty of time to heal. Since you need to shave close to it, the last thing you want is to rip it open again, introducing bacteria. That can cause an infection.

Can You shave your legs after a C section? Obviously everyone’s experience is different, but I managed to comfortably shave my legs in the shower the day after DS1’s C section; with my second section recovery took slightly longer but I still managed a leg shave on day two or three post section.

Is it normal to feel better after a C section? After all, it is a major abdominal surgery, and you have to be careful. Some women feel better after one week since their C-section, but that doesn’t mean they are completely healed. You have to remember you’re still healing on the inside. A lot of questions about the recovery process may form in your mind right now.

What kind of exercise can you do after a C section? In the first couple of months you don’t have to do any heavy lifting or tough exercise. A normal recovery period after a C-section takes up to 6 weeks, but just to be sure, you have to check with your doctor. After the six weeks-period had passed, try and do some easy exercises, such as gentle sit-ups.

Can You ovulate after having a C section? This is still true if you have a c-section. Even if you haven’t yet had your period, you can still ovulate. This is why birth control is very important. At your six-week visit, talk to your practitioner about the best form of birth control.

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