What to do if baby is underweight during pregnancy?

  • See your doctor. Visit your practitioner as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, and attend all your prenatal checkups.
  • Arm your practitioner with info. Let your doctor know if you had a low birth weight baby in the past, as there may be specific steps you can take to
  • Don’t drink or smoke.
  • Eat a healthy, nutritious diet.
  • Get the flu vaccine.

What to do if you are low on weight during pregnancy? If your diet is causing your low weight, try changing to a healthy, balanced diet and aim to gain weight slowly. Try to avoid high-calorie food and drinks full of saturated fat and sugar, such as cakes, sweets and sugary drinks.

What does it mean to be underweight during pregnancy? Your BMI is a measure that uses your height and weight to work out if your weight is in a healthy range. For pregnant women your BMI calculation will be based on your weight before pregnancy. Find out your BMI. Once you work out your BMI, this is the scale: Less than 18.5 = underweight. 18.5 to 24.9 = healthy weight.

What should I do to help my Fetus gain weight? Being sure to get adequate physical activity during pregnancy helps a fetus grow and develop in a healthy way, including gaining enough weight. The Centers for Disease Control recommends walking, yoga and swimming.

What foods should you eat if you are underweight while pregnant? However, the best way to receive adequate nutrition is to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; calcium-rich foods, such as milk, almond milk, Greek or plain yogurt; protein sources like beans, eggs, fish, and chicken; and healthy fats like fatty fish, nuts, seeds, and oil.

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