What is sandy short for female?

Sandy is a popular unisex given name. The male version can be a diminutive of Alexander, Sander, Alasdair, Sandipan, Sandeep, Sanford

Cassandra or Kassandra, also known as Alexandra, was a woman in Greek mythology cursed to utter prophecies that were true but that no one believed. In modern usage her name is employed as a rhetorical device to indicate someone whose accurate prophecies are not believed.

) or, less commonly, Alisande. Female spelling variations include Sandi and Sandie.Gender: Related names: 

Is the name Sandy a male or female name? Sandy is a popular unisex name; the male version can be a diminutive of “Alexander”, “Sander”, “Alasdair”, “Sandipan”, “Sandeep”, “Sanford”, or “Santiago,” while the female version is a diminutive for “Sandra” or less commonly “Alexandra”, Alisande, and “Cassandra”. The female name may also be spelled “Sandi” or “Sandie”.

What kind of hair color does a sandy woman have? In fact, sandy women’s hairstyles include shades that include golden-brownish colors, and sometimes may also be referred to as a very light brown color.

What does the term Sandy mean in Grease? The term “sandy” refers to more than Olivia Newton John’s character in Grease, or to Sandy Dee in X-men, but it is also used to refer to a specific shade of hair under the umbrella category of “blonde” hair.

What’s the meaning of the name Sandy for boys?

What’s the meaning of the name Sandy for boys? Sandy ▼ as a boys’ name (also used as girls’ name Sandy) is pronounced SAN-dee. Pet form, originally Scottish, of the Greek name Alexander. Sometimes also given as a nickname based on a person’s hair or coloring, like Rusty.

What’s the popularity of the first name Sandy? How popular is Sandy? Sandy is a very popular first name for females (#322 out of 4276, Top 8%) and also a very popular surname for all people (#5621 out of 150436, Top 4%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS) Sandy entered the list in 1930-1939 and reached its highest position of #167 in the U.S. in the 1960s, but is not found in the list currently.

Are there any other names similar to Sandy? Similar Names. Sandy▼ is pronounced similarly to Cinda, Cindi, Cindy▼, Cynda, Cyndi, Cyndy, Sanda, Sandye, Sindee, Sindi, Sindia, Sindie, Sindy, Sindya, Sondya, Synda, Syndee, Syndi, Syndia, Syndie, Syndy, Zanda, Zandie, Zandy and Zenda. Other suggested similar-sounding names are Amandy, Andy, Bindy, Brandy▼, Caddy,…

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