What fruit is 16 weeks pregnant?

16 Weeks. Avocado . The size of the baby is about 11.6 cm and weighs around 100g. In the coming few weeks, the rate of weight gain by baby will increase significantly. Naval lines will appear, hair will thicken and the abdominal movements will occur, since the baby has started to move and shift. 17 Weeks. Turnip

How big is my uterus at 16 weeks? What changes are occurring with your body at 16 weeks pregnant? Your uterus is continuing to grow and weighs approximately 8 ½ ounces (¼ kg). Your placenta is also growing, and your body is producing an increased amount of amniotic fluid that helps protect your baby during your pregnancy.

Can you tell the gender of baby at 16 weeks? Typically, you can’t find out your baby’s gender until you are between 16 and 20 weeks into your pregnancy. At this time, your baby’s genitals are fully developed and your doctor can perform an ultrasound to see whether you are having a boy or a girl.

What can fetus do at 16 weeks? At 16 weeks, fetal development is considerable and it can hear external voice and starts to sleep and dream in the womb. There is definite fetal movement at 16 weeks. Your baby‘s bodily functions such as its urinary system would already be functional, with your baby emptying its bladder every 45 minutes.

What’s happening at 16 weeks pregnant? During the sixteenth week of pregnancy, your baby can open its mouth, move its lips, and swallow. Other things that are happening in your baby during week 16 of pregnancy include the following: Your baby may be sucking his or her thumb. Facial muscles may lead to various expressions, such as squinting and frowning.

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