Is swiffer safe for babies?

No Swiffer product carried a warning cautioning users that its toxicity might pose a danger to children or pets, as suggested by the message quoted above. On its website, Procter & Gamble described its Swiffer WetJet cleaning system as an all-in-one, ready-to-use mopping system.

Is it safe to use a Swiffer cleaner on a pet? Swiffer cleaners are safe to use around pets, no matter the persistent urban myth. The Swiffer WetJet cloths and Swiffer WetJet Multipurpose Cleaner promise to mop up spills without you’re having to use a bucket, but a widespread e-mail-based rumor claims the products might actually cause Fido or Fluffy to kick said container.

Is it safe to use Swiffer wet jet cleaner? The Wet cloths and WetJet liquid solution cleaners do not contain antifreeze or any ingredient similar to it. In fact, all Swiffer products are safe to use around pets. The Swiffer Wet Jet system contains water (90-100%), propylene glycol n-propyl ether or propylene glycol n-butyl ether and isopropyl alcohol (1-4%).

Are there any antifreeze in Swiffer wet cloths? The missives suggest that the products’ cleaning solutions contain liver-failure-inducing antifreeze, which pets are likely to lap off the floor or lick off their paws. Not true, says Procter & Gamble, manufacturer of the products: “Swiffer Wet cloths and WetJet liquid solution do not contain antifreeze or any ingredient similar to it.”

Is it safe to use a Swiffer to clean wood? Swiffer products may be convenient and easy to use, but cleaning experts say they’re not safe for all surfaces. From marble surfaces to wooden decks, there are a few areas where you shouldn’t be using a Swiffer to clean. Here’s what to use instead.

Why is the Swiffer WetJet harmful to household pets?

Why is the Swiffer WetJet harmful to household pets? The urban myth that Swiffer WetJet solution was killing pets arose because of the inclusion of propylene glycol, which is used with ethylene glycol in antifreeze and de-icing products. While ethylene glycol has been shown to pose a threat to pets, propylene glycol has been classified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an additive that is “generally recognized as safe” for use in food, and is recommended as a safe alternative to ethylene glycol antifreeze products to use around

Is Swiffer bad for dogs? Despite rumors to the contrary, Swiffer WetJet mops are safe to use in houses with dogs and cats as long as proper precautions are taken to keep the animal from walking on a wet floor or ingesting the solution; it is not toxic but may cause skin irritation or stomach pains.

Does Swiffer wet jet make pets sick? It is an urban myth that the Swiffer Wet Jet cloths and cleaners are unsafe to use around your pets. According to the Animal Poison Control Center of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Swiffer is a safe product to use with pets around.

Is Swiffer wet mop toxic to pets? It is a common internet rumor that Swiffer Wet-Jets are dangerous for dogs. In fact, no evidence exists that suggests Swiffer products are dangerous to animals when used properly. When spring cleaning, be safe and keep all pets out of the area of cleaning until the room is well ventilated and all cleaning products have dried.

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