How to remove cosco high chair cover?

Unbuckle the front strap that goes between the child’s legs and take off the large buckle piece. Slide the strap out of the cover and if you need to wash it, take it off and wash with cover, if not leave attached to the bar. Slide off the cover.

When to release latches on COSCO high chair? Release the triggers when the chair starts collapsing. The high chair should naturally start collapsing in on itself once the latches have been released. As soon as this happens, you can release the latch release triggers.

What’s the best way to clean a high chair? Wipe the seat clean. Before folding up the high chair, it is a good idea to clean off any spilled food or drink with a soft, damp cloth. For sanitation purposes, you should periodically use soapy water while wiping down the seat pad and back. Do not place any part of the chair in a washing machine or dryer.

What happens if you fold up a high chair? Hold both sections together before you pick up or otherwise move the folded high chair around. The high chair does not have any straps to secure it while in its folded state. If you hold it only by one side (either the seat or the legs), it will probably fall back open.

How to fold a Cosco high chair step by step?

How to fold a Cosco high chair step by step? 8 Practical Steps On How To Fold Cosco High Chair 1 Firstly, take the tray off. 2 Locate the two latch release triggers which are both located on the back of the high chair. 3 Pull the two triggers up simultaneously. 4 Using the rest of your hand or thumb, rest against the chair to give yourself some leverage.

How do you hold a Graco high chair together? Grab hold both legs and seat railings together in one hand. Finally, hold the highchair together in this position to move and store it. There are no fastenings to keep it in place once it is collapsed so if you try to hold it by just the top or just the bottom, then the chair will likely fall back into the open position again.

How do you remove a tray from a high chair? Most high chair trays are detached by pressing and holding down two buttons on each side of the highchair, near to where the tray is secured into place. You have to press both buttons in at the same time, and then you may have to give the tray a wiggle until it slides forward and comes free. 3. Clean Highchair Thoroughly

How big is a high chair tray in inches? Tray pieces are 3-5/16″long by 1″wide by 15/16″deep. 5.78 x 0.78 x 0.58 inches CHP-103 Antique Hardware & More does not in any way imply that this item complies with current child safety standards.

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