How common is the name emily?


  • EMILY is ranked as the 209th most popular given name in the United States with an estimated population of 320,104.
  • This name is in the 99th percentile, this means that nearly 0% of all the first names are more popular.
  • There are 100.39 people named EMILY for every 100,000 Americans.
  • This name is most often used as a first name, 99% of the time.

How many people are named Emily in the world? This name is most often used as a first name, 99% of the time. Based on the analysis of 100 years worth of data from the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Baby Names database, the estimated population of people named EMILY is 731,826. The SSA data also shows that EMILY is used as a girl’s name 100% of the time.

What does the name Emily mean for a girl? Emily Origin and Meaning. The name Emily is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “rival”. Emily may have dropped somewhat in the current standings, but it was the most popular girls’ name for over a decade because it appeals on many levels: Emily is feminine, classic, simple, pretty, and strong.

What culture does the name Emily come from? Emily is a true classic baby name, traditionally used for girls. It’s known for its elegant beauty without being too elaborate or in-your-face; the name has origins in French, Latin, German and more, so it can work for babies from a wide variety of cultures.

What is a name similar to Emily?

What names are similar to Emily?

  • Abigail
  • Anna
  • Catherine
  • Charlotte
  • Clara
  • Elizabeth
  • Hannah
  • Jessica
  • Lucy
  • Sarah. Find inspiration in these baby girl name lists featuring the name Emily. Finding middle names for girls doesn’t have to be a chore.

How many babies were born with the name Emily?

How many babies were born with the name Emily? During this year, 23593 babies were named Emily, which was 0.6318% of the baby girls born in the USA that year. The most the names popularity ever grew to was 0.671%, in this year alone more than 24000 girls were named Emily.

How many Emilys are there in the United States? Emily is predominantly a girls name, with 99.7% of Emilys being girls, and 0.3% being boys. In the United States there have been a total of 1767 males named Emily, and 580891 females given the name.

Is the name Emily still popular in America? Emily’s popularity has steadily decreased for some time. In recent years, continuing the trend, the number of babies given the name Emily has dropped. The name Emily is favored by many parents but will probably continue to drift downward in popularity. *Mouse over the charts or scroll down to the table for data details.

Which is the most popular girl’s name in the USA? Emily and Emma switched off as the number one most popular baby name for thirteen consecutive years until 2009 when Emma placed in second behind Isabella and Emily ranked as sixth. In the period between 2010 and 2018, Emily was the 8th most popular girl’s name in the United States, after Emma which took 1st place

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