Can you get a keratin treatment while breastfeeding?

The Keratinworks Smoothing System is non-toxic and Formaldehyde

This medication is used as an antiperspirant to treat feet that sweat or smell excessively. It is also used as a drying agent during wart treatment..

-free, and adheres to Health Canada restrictions so in theory, it is safe to use on someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. However, we do not recommend doing any keratin smoothing treatment during pregnancy or while nursing.

Is it safe to give keratin to a baby? Keratin treatments are relatively new, and there’s no specific proof that they won’t harm your child. Some keratin treatments contain formaldehyde, which could compromise your health and the health of your baby.

Can you use keratin shampoo while breast feeding? Since you don’t shampoo for 1-3 days (depending on treatment) it will be on your body, which can leach into your system. Google the affects of keratin studied by OSHA. I’m a hairstylist and will not work with it. Don’t use Keratin while pregnant or breast feeding, please. It does have the formaldehyde someone else mentioned.

When to stop keratin treatment for pregnant women? However, because the treatments do use keratin proteins to temporarily change the structure of your hair, they may have an effect on your unborn child. Most hair stylists will advise you to forgo them until after you’ve given birth and have finished nursing.

How does a keratin treatment work on hair? (Some “keratin treatments,” for example, saturate the hair with a formaldehyde solution —yes, formaldehyde —before the hair is dried and flatironed. The solution locks the hair straight so it stays smooth.) Read on to learn the truth about keratin treatments so you can decide whether to get one and, if so, which one is right for you.

Is it safe to get keratin treatment while pregnant?

Is it safe to get keratin treatment while pregnant? While pregnant, avoid any type of keratin treatment, including at-home versions. Instead of keratin treatments, look for other, healthy things you can do to keep your hair in check during your pregnancy. Get regular deep-conditioning treatments to keep hair moisturized and less frizzy.

Is it safe to use keratin on hair extensions? As we all know, keratin is found in bio hair; hence, it is safe to use. As a hair extension fitting method, it brings wearers a seamless and natural hair appearance. But let professionals perform the hair extensions fitted. The proper application and removal also protect your existing hair from damage.

Where does keratin come from for hair treatment? If you’re not sure if keratin treatment is right for you, weigh the pros and cons below. The body naturally makes the protein keratin — it’s what hair and nails are made up of. The keratin in these treatments may be derived from wool, feathers, or horns.

What are the pros and cons of keratin treatment? Keratin treatments make hair more manageable, especially if your hair is particularly frizzy or thick. If you constantly heat style your hair, you’ll notice that with a keratin treatment your hair dries more quickly. Some people estimate that keratin cuts their drying time by more than half.

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