Are rxbars safe for pregnancy?

Are RXBARs safe to consume during pregnancy? We use dried egg whites that go through a high-heat pasteurization process, which ensures they are shelf stable and safe to consume. However, if you have any concerns about consuming our products, please consult your health care provider.

Why is RXBAR so good for your health? RXBAR nutrition profile definitely stands out. Why? Because it contains real food ingredients, no added sugar, a decent source of protein, a good source of fiber, and zero cholesterol. There’s also a small amount of calcium, iron, and potassium.

Is it possible to eat too many rxbars a day? However, it’s still definitely possible to consume too much sugar via dried fruit. Eating two or more RXBARs a day, for example, could quickly veer into the realm of problematic. Outside of egg whites, dates and nuts, RXBARs contain few additional ingredients.

Is it safe to eat a protein bar during pregnancy? Protein bar. Protein bars vary in their ingredients, but most contain protein in the form of either soy or whey, which comes from milk. These are both safe sources of protein during pregnancy, despite concerns you might have heard that soy contains chemicals that can mimic human hormones.

How much does a box of rxbars cost? A box of 12 RXBARs from Amazon (aka the discount retailer of the internet) is between $20 – $24. That comes out to $1.66 – $2.00 per bar.

Are RX bars really healthy?

Are RX bars really healthy? RX Bars are not only beneficial because they are actually healthy, but the bars also contain just a dose of caffeine to keep you energized throughout the day, especially during your workout. Each bar contains about 5mg of caffeine.

Are kind bars really that healthy? KIND bars are certainly healthier than traditional junk food options like chips, candy bars, cookies, etc. However, the exact extent of their nutrition largely depends upon which variety you choose.

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